What the experts are saying...

"McWilliams Panama Fighters are lightweight and quick, with superb balance and strength... Exceptional edge holding, very comfortable handles."
- Greg Walker, BATTLE BLADES

"My testimony to the quality and performance of your knives is an order for another one. 'nuff said."
- J. M., Massapequa, N. Y.

"For all (and I mean many) the knives I own, the Model 1 is my favorite and the best I own."
-K. G., Dana Point, CA

"I have never had a knife that performs like yours. My friends and myself are amazed with its ability to cut everything from meat to wood."
- P. H., Lancashire, England

"I like to keep a fairly thin, very sharp cutting edge on my knives and this steel has proven to hold such an edge far better and deform less than any other I have used. It will get absolutely ferocious in the cutting department when I do my part with proper sharpening and stropping. I also do quite a bit of leather work, and this knife will cut through 12 ounce leather in a heartbeat."
- A. M., Englewood, CO

"I purchased a Kozuka from you about 25 years ago. It has seen a lot of use and still looks and performs as it did the day I got it. Obviously, it isn't used for chopping or batoning, but it performs tasks I wouldn't use other small knives for. I'm very glad you are making knives again. I regretted not buying one of your larger knives. Now I can get one. Much thanks." P. F.



"As a para-rescue medic, I am constantly searching for a knife that meets the requirements of sharpness, strength, ease of carry and instant accessibility. Your Venture Edge KWAITO more than exceeds the requirements...and at a price I can afford."
- K. L., Rahway, NJ

 "...I have taken this knife (Panama Fighter) to the end of the world. Would not part with it, no matter what. I would like to have it touched up." HG, Fla.