About Sean McWilliams

Artist Blacksmith
Carbondale, Colorado

Sean at the anvil.

Blacksmithing has brought me back to a point on a circle, a place I'd been before; a deep soul memory far beyond my youthful years. There is great power, wisdom and magic in that circle. The hammer goes up and down in a circular motion, the iron goes round and round. A timeless cycle of life begins and ends and begins anew. For me, blacksmithing is a direct connection to timeless and fundamental past. For over forty years, I have dedicated myself to the pursuit, perfection, and procreation of this timeless craft. So, I offer you my art in #forged stainless and the joy and celebration of freedom that is forging hot metal with hammer and anvil.

In returning to full-time knifemaking after a thirteen year absence, I'm grateful for the encouragment from loyal customers who believed in me and my blades. When I started forging stainless steel knives about thirty years ago, it created quite a controversy. Many said it couldn't be done or wasn't worth the effort. The controversy might remain, but not to the many, many knife enthusiasts who have owned and used my blades over the years. It is for these loyal enthusiasts and and the many new customers that I am back and will be around for a good many years to come. My knives will be around way beyond that.

Sean McWilliams


I Work the Sacred Fire
Shaping the Tools of Human Transformation
The Light of the Fire Casts out the Darkness
Waters of Emotion Quench my Desire

About Forged Stainless Blades

Sean McWilliams forged stainless steel knives represent a culmination of over 40 years of experience and research. Continual refinements and design, forging and heat treating processes have resulted in knives of exceptional performance, durability and value. All McWilliams blades are taper forged with a flat grind reducing weight while greatly improving cutting and penetration power. Tangs are also forged to a taper, resulting in a perfectly balanced knife that feels light, alive and quick in the hand. Overall edge holding and sharpenability is vastly improved through the forging process, resulting in a sharper, stronger, longer lasting edge. In edge holding tests cutting 1” hemp rope, forged stainless steels made 40 times the number of cuts made by stock removal stainless blades and 8 times as many cuts made by forged carbon steel blades. In durability tests forged stainless steel blades would spring back straight after being bent 30-40 degrees in a vise. The forged narrow tang can easily withstand this abuse over and over again.

Kydex-Cordura Sheaths

Sean McWilliams Kydex-Cordura Sheaths have been thoughtfully designed, tested and developed to provide the maximum flexibility in access and carry options. Sheaths incorporate a molded Kydex liner that holds the knife securely right or left handed, even when worn in inverted positions. The Cordura cover incorporates nylon straps on the back to allow vertical or horizontal wear on 1” or 2” wide belts. Tie down at the tip attaches to the optional shoulder harness. Cover flap velcros over the knife handle, or velcros back on itself to anchor the sheath to the belt when worn on the shoulder harness. Ranger sheaths have an expandable cargo pocket on the front with velcro closure, and pocket in the cover flap for an array of survival items. Venture Sheaths are waterproof, even washable. Kydex liner uses a unique welded welt construction with no metal rivets to rust, pull out or dull the edge. Cordura Sheath covers are constructed of 1000 Denier nylon Cordura with a 60 oz. Urethane coating. Edges are taped and double sewn with #90 thread for a lifetime of rugged use. Colors available are Black, Olive Green, Burgundy, Desert Digital and ACU Camo.


Elastic Bands

Allow Venture sheaths to be carried in a wide variety of ways. Elastic bands are constructed of 2” wide nylon elastic with velcro closures. Use Wrist band to wear Kozuka on forearm, or ankle, wrist and ankle band to wear Kwaito on forearm. Use Thigh band to wear Tanto or Panama Fighter on thigh, or use any combination to carry venture sheaths on pack, para gear or ALICE gear. Black Only.

Type W Tactical Harness

Allows Venture sheaths to be carried concealed and immediately accessible. Adjustable for height and girth, sheath may be carried in a variety of positions, left or right handed draw. l” nylon with plastic slide buckles. Black Only.

Ranger Belt

2” wide heavy nylon, adjustable slider and side lock buckle. Fits all Kydex-Cordura sheaths.