Kandhari Desert Fighters

Kandhari Desert Fighters

Sean McWilliams - Monday, November 24, 2014

Several elements had to come together to create the Kandhari Desert Fighters. The forging techniques were developing over years, the inspiration behind the design has been around hundreds of years, all waiting for the right steel and desert fashion colors, of course. As bold and barren as the land that inspired them, the classic lines of the Kandahri Desert Fighters were strongly influenced by the tribal blades of the Khyber region. As a bladesmith, I greatly admire the craftsmanship in these historic blades. The slightly upswept edge and long false edge give the blade an appearance of being slightly upswept, while the point is in a straight line with the back of the blade. The exaggerated hook handle facilitates thrusting and drawing cuts.

     At 12 1/2" of steel, the heft and feel of the Kandhari-7 says its all knife, "I live to cut."

Crucible Steel's S35VN stainless forged and properly heat treated is real weapons grade stuff. It lives to cut. A sheared piece from the mill has a wicked rough burr on the edge, like no other steel. And when that burr is refined by forging,grinding, heat treating, into a fine edge honed and stropped, it cuts like no other steel. The edge is beyond razor sharp. And it just keeps cutting and cutting and cutting..... All the materials that go into all of my knives are US Made, including the fabric and thread that go into the sheaths. 

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